Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC)

Sri Lanka’s foremost business Chamber, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) will be celebrating 179 years of exemplary service to the business community this year. Established on March 25, 1839, CCC is amongst the few legendary institutions in the Asia Pacific region to hold such an unbroken record. CCC has the unique feature of a Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Trade Associations, Regional Chambers, Bilateral Business Councils and Employer Organizations in Sri Lanka. The CCC claims this status having formed alliances with 23 Regional Chambers, 38 Trade/Product and Service Associations and 19 Bilateral Business Councils. In addition, established strong links with 128 overseas trade promotion organisations by way of signing Memorandum of Understanding as at end January 2018. Today, the CCC comprises 607 members with an outreach to over 8,500 organisations covering the entire spectrum of the business community ranging from sole proprietors to multinationals. The CCC is certified under the BSENISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and works towards its vision of being the Benchmark Chamber of Commerce in the Asia Pacific Region. For further details visit;https://www.chamber.lk/


Ceylon National Chamber of Industries (CNCI)

The CNCI, which was formed in 1960 and incorporated by an Act of Parliament (No. 10 of 1969), commenced at a time the industrialists were small timers who had to pit their wits against big trading organizations.  The small industrialists, especially the Sri Lankan Nationals felt they needed a forum of their own in order to develop their ventures. Taking appropriate measures promptly to protect and develop the local industries with all other related and support services ranging from trade delegations to Certificates of Origin and counseling to budget proposals are among its services.  They are the true Voice of Industry from 1960 watching against under invoicing, dumping and substandard goods entering the country. Being the Pioneering Industry Chamber, it organized the first ever Achiever Awards for Industrial excellence in 2001. These awards will ensure higher recognition and wide marketing opportunities as well as image building for any Organization. CNCI will continue to play a prominent part in contributing to the country’s widespread democratic economic growth goals. It will be consistent with the well-crafted rules and methodology of the NTFC supported by WTO-TFA and allied government and private sector agencies.For further deatails visit;https://cnci.lk/


Chamber of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs (COYLE)

The Chamber of Young Lanka Entrepreneurs (COYLE) which was established in 1999 has a membership over 120 top Sri Lankan Young Lankan Entrepreneurs who are the Chairmen, Controlling Shareholders of the top 100 companies of Sri Lanka. The COYLE was formed as a Business Chamber with the vision to be the most influential and vibrant Chamber of Young Business Leaders of Sri Lanka and it plays a vital role for national importance and gives a unique forum for its members through professionalism. COYLE promotes entrepreneurship in the economic and development initiatives of the Government and international economic development of the country and largely to the Sri Lankan business community and commercial business matters. COYLE is currently steered towards its vision by its members representing ‘Blue-chip’ companies of Sri Lanka and members are honored with several entrepreneur awards at national and international levels. COYLE, with its motto of ‘Recognition through Excellence’ has always rendered its untiring efforts and support in resolving national issues. For further Details visit;https://coyle.lk/  


European Chamber of Commerce

The European Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka was founded in 1996. Its primary objective is to stimulate, strengthen and promote economic and business relations between Sri Lanka and the 27 member countries of the European Union. ECCSL broadly seeks to provide, inter-alia, efficient and professional information, advisory, consultative, promotional and representative linkages between Sri Lankan and European business entities.For further deatails visit;https://eccsl.lk/


Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL)

Set up in 1973, Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) is the rallying point for free enterprises in Sri Lanka. It has empowered Sri Lankan Businesses, in changing times, to show up their competitiveness and thus enhance their national and global reach. With a nationwide membership which consists of 07 National Chambers, 30 Regional Chambers, 18 Associations, 03 Institutions and 03 Business Councils, FCCISL espouses the shared vision of Sri Lankan businesses and speaks directly and indirectly to over 25,000 business units. It has an expending membership of enterprises drawn from large, medium, small and micro segments of manufacturing, distributive, trade and services. Among its key services to its members, conducting various academic and professional training programmes on diverse sectors, organizing trade delegations abroad and coordinating trade exhibitions at national level, conducting investor forums, international conferences and summits on diverse projects, information and knowledge sharing on vocational training programmes and any business-related circulars from various government departments and ministries, providing SAARC Visa membership services, confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) membership services, promoting and celebrating their annual flagship event Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards Ceremony and developing SMEs through it, mentoring on Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) and Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) and lobbying and advocacy services to members are highlighted.For further details visit;https://www.fccisl.lk/

National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka

The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka is one of the pioneering trade Chambers established in 1948 soon after Independence, is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. During the last seven decades the chamber carrying on a service to the business community has emerged today, as a leading national trade and industrial promotional body representing the entire spectrum of industry, trade, commerce and services in Sri Lanka and recognized as a Chamber of high repute locally and internationally. The National Chamber of Commerce consisting of around 687 corporate companies, and around 1200 Small and Medium sector Enterprises (SMEs) is the leading ‘Voice of Business’  for the promotion of domestic and foreign trade and  a benchmark of  the business community.For Further details Visit:https://www.nationalchamber.lk/


National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE)

The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE) is the only private sector Chamber which exclusively serves Sri Lankan Exporters consisting about 500 member companies of which 90% are exporters across all products and services sectors, and the balance being Service Providers to Exporters. The main aim of the chamber is to provide support services required by Sri Lankan exporters to enhance exports, such as issuance of certificate of origin, publication of the “Sri Lanka Exporter” magazine, hosting NCE export awards, conducting training programmes and workshops, services of trade representatives, dissemination of trade information, providing educational services related to exports through National Institute of Exports (NIOE), representation of macro and individual issues and advisory services. Recognition of the Chamber among the exporter community has grown over the years as the “Voice of the Exporter”, due to its achievements.For further details visit;https://www.nce.lk/


Sri Lanka International Chamber of Commerce

ICC is the world business organization, the only representative body that speaks with authority on behalf of enterprises from all sectors in every part of the world. ICC was founded in 1919. Today it groups thousand of member companies and associations from over 130 countries. National Committees in the world’s major capitals co-ordinate with their membership to address the concerns of the business community and to convey to their governments the business views formulated by ICC.For further deatails visit;https://iccsrilanka.com/


Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce (WCIC)

Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce (WCIC) was established in the year 1985 and is the first women only Trade Chamber to be set up in Sri Lanka. It is a non-profit organization of women in professions, business and management, promoting and developing urban and rural women into entrepreneurial skills to better their living standards thereby incorporating them into the mainstream of business activity in the country. Currently WCIC has a growing membership of 280 members. WCIC is devoted to enable and aspire women entrepreneurs and professionals to overcome obstacles in the path of their progress and development.  WCIC identifies these women through its projects, networks and relationships with other organizations and institutions in the country as well as through individual members who happen to know of deserving cases. They are assisted through the relationships the WCIC has established with the state institutions, banks, and other relevant organizations, both public and private. They are also nurtured and mentored, and their progress thereafter is monitored to obtain feedback on the assistance they have been offered. WCIC believes that by helping these individuals, they not only enable them to improve their standards of living and realize their ambitions, but also assisted in the development of the country's economy.  Women’s Chamber of Industry & Commerce has been emerged as a preeminent organization in Sri Lanka which raises a powerful voice for improving the business environment for women in Sri Lanka.For further details visit;https://www.wcicsl.lk/

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